Independent Kiteboarder Program

Progresion water start 2da leccion

Become an independent kiteboarder!

The independent level is the stage where all those dreams and hard work pay off, as you get to feel the board on your feet! By the end of the section you will be able to start jumping and will truly be an independent rider. Then you are off to explore the world’s different locations, water surfaces and wind strengths!

Kiteboarder Level 3 Hrs depends on the student (1hr US$84)

Level 3.1

  • Control the riding speed by edging
  • Consistent riding in both directions

Level 3.2

  • Consistent riding in all directions including upwind
  • Ride amongst other riders and water users and respect right of way rules

Level 3.3

  • Change of direction without stopping
  • Self- rescue and full pack-down in the water

Level 3.4

  • Risk assessment and awareness of the riding area
  • Self launch

Level 3.5

  • Make a toe side turn
  • Knows the theory and the safety rules for jumping
  • Land a basic jump

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